Mashed potatoes and ground beef are at the center of every great casserole. But we're getting creative with this dinner staple. Casseroles have a few defining features, but that doesn't mean you can't revisit them a thousand different ways. Discovery Chefclub's recipes!


This is a simple casserole made with ground beef, potatoes, cheese, and a few herbs. All the traditional elements are there, but it's the final layer when the Chefclub fun is added. The extra cheese might make this a delicious dish, but the visual effect will leave your guests speechless. This casserole plays on shapes, textures, and visuals. We've made it easy, and now it's your turn to make it!

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Because it's easy, fun to make, and crowd-pleasing Chefclub has reinvented the classic casserole a million times. So get ready to go crazy, with a little imagination, you can make a dinner bursting with flavor and creativity.

From adding ingredients to switching up the cooking dish, we've done all sorts of crazy things to the classic casserole. From ground beef to fish, this recipe is easy to adjust, fun to play with, and always a pleasure to eat. Everyone can get smart with casseroles, but here are our top 5 picks, happy eating!

The elk, duck and tiger have a dinner date

Kids love casseroles! And a cute casserole is the perfect way to get them to eat meat and veggies they usually ignore. We created these individual casseroles that kids can make and decorate themselves, one measurement and one bite, and they'll be hooked.

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It's the perfectly cook eggs that make this great!

Somewhere between breakfast, grilled cheese, and a classic casserole, this French gratin is perfect for the whole family. Add an egg per person, and no one will fight for the yolk!

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It's all about the bacon

If you thought towering casseroles were impossible then you need to check out this recipe. Bacon, mashed potatoes, reblochon cheese, make mountains of deliciousness. Once baked, it'll be crispy, and a little parsley will make this beauty shine.

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The healthiest casserole you'll ever eat

A light casserole? It's impossible, they said! But here is our — very possible — version. Vegetables and fish make this gratin very gourmet with fewer calories than you might imagine, meaning you can serve yourself a big ol' guilt-free slice.

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A simple and economical dish, casseroles are perfect for a quick and satisfying weeknight meal. Traditionally, casseroles contain meat and potatoes, but they can be made with anything you desire. For example, you can replace potatoes with mashed vegetables such as carrots, squash, or even broccoli for added oomph!