A thin and crispy layer opens to reveal a smooth, flowing, warm heart. An true explosion of flavors... This is the perfect molten chocolate cake! Discover Chefclub's recipes for all types of chocolate cake!


Personal chocolate cake with an ultra crunchy crust? Yes, please! The success of this cake is no secret, just Kinder ®. Plunge your spoon in and find a totally gooey chocolate center. There is no fight for the last slice; you can enjoy this cake in complete and total peace.

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At the crossroads between simplicity and decadence, molten chocolate cake is a favorite at Chefclub! Why? It plays with textures and temperatures in a heavenly way. Serve it with ice cream or whipped cream (or both!) to enjoy even more contrast that will enhance the melting chocolate.

Chocolate and fruit are an undeniably great combo, and when you turn chocolate into cake, the possibilities only multiply. So we gave our creativity free rein and came up with some awe-inspiring chocolate cakes.

Taking a chocolate bath

A chocolate cake for kids! They'll love this cake topped with candy pigs hanging out chocolatey baths. Chefclub made it equal parts cute and tasty, so grab a cupcake and enjoy this dessert sprinkled with laughter!

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The bananas are hidding... but not for long

This is a food combination that only a fool wouldn't fall for: Chocolate and banana, a true match made in dessert heaven. We don't care if you eat it for breakfast or dinner, this melty chocolate masterpiece deserves attention any time of the day!

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Gooey and melty

The softness of the brioche combined with melty chocolate allows for immediate indulgence. When these two classics are fused, a high-level merger takes place that everyone needs to get in on. Share this recipe; it's not insider trading when you share a secret this tasty!

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Grab a glass!

Dessert or drink? Both, please! The meal might be over, but the celebration isn't! Chocolate goes shockingly well with whiskey, which is why we've added booze to this chocolate cake turning dessert into an adults-only affaire. Grab a glass... er... slice!

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The perfect molten cake is not so easy to find. The ingredients may be simple — eggs, flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate — but making it extraordinary takes insight. So learn from us, and make our easy recipes. No pastry chef required!