For date nights, girls night, happy hour, family dinners and other shared meals, pizza is an obvious choice! Lazy people love to order it, fancy people love to make. But Chefclub has a recipe for everyone.


It starts off as a simple margherita, with classic ingredients and dough. But after a little bit, it starts to grow. Using straws and a little ingenuity, you'll form an impressive dome that will become even bigger in the oven. Your pizza gets even better when the dome turns into a bowl filled to the brim with a salad. Pizza night never looked so fresh.

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Here at Chefclub, we've always loved it. Pizza brings together entertainment and taste (which is what we're all about)! With simple ingredients (thick or thin crust, tomato sauce, ham, cheese, and whatever else you may have on hand...) you can get creative, even if a recipe is simple.

We've baked it, lit it on fire, fried it, deconstructed it, and reconstructed it and every version we've made has been better than the last. To inspire your pizza nights and break your routine we've picked 5 of our favorite pizza recipes. Which one will you love?

A personal pizza with just 200 calories

Finally, a light pizza recipe! The secret? Cauliflower pizza dough! This pizza is as delicious as it is healthy. It has the signature crunch of pizza and the winning flavor of veggies. Win, win, win!

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Two loved dishes in one

Pizza and couscous are two fantastic dishes, so Chefclub decided to bring them together! Semolina is transformed into the dough, then pizza toppings are added for guaranteed success. Devour, it slice by slice.

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Just as tasty as it is cute

Kids love pizza more than just about everyone else, so why not make a pizza, especially for them? These cheese pizza balls are easy to make and even easier to decorate, simply pick your character of choice! It's a recipe sure to make family dinner both fun and unfussy.

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The rolling snack

It's time for a snack! Impress your friends with extraordinary rolled pizzas. Thanks to Chefclub, you will find not one but three pizza recipes with a twist to cook for your friends and enjoy an evening as fun as it is delicious!

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There are so many easy pizza recipes out there that it would be a shame to live without them. From the classic margherita to the calzone and and everything in between, we're journeying through Italy while making pit stops in New York and Chicago. It's no wonder pizza won the title as the most popular dish in the world!